CMRD-Related FAQs Submitted to Foothills Gateway


HCPF is disseminating that the Case Management Agency (CMA) awardee contracts and transition will begin August 2023 and must be completed by July 2024.  Has this date changed since their webinar (in early December 2022)?

HCPF’s timeline for CMA contracts and transitions will begin July 2023 and continue through to completion by July 1, 2024.  The dates for contracting and agency transitions did not change as of their webinar.  You can find HCPF’s graphic for the transition phases HERE.


It sounds like if/when Foothills Gateway is approved as the CMA, all direct services will have to be transferred to a separate financial entity.  Has there been any talk of if or how FGI will continue to provide direct services or is the plan to transition all direct services to other service agencies?  What happens to the building and all the individuals who go there for day program services?  What does this mean for host homes through FGI?

Not knowing what every possible outcome of the RFP process will look like is one of the most difficult aspects of this transition.  The most honest answer that can be given at this time is that should Foothills Gateway become the CMA for Larimer County, the services side of the agency would need to be delivered by a completely separate business or nonprofit entity by July 2024.  Looking at the timeline provided by HCPF, this should allow more than a year to figure out how that can happen.  Foothills Gateway leadership is committed to providing information and updates as soon as we have details and will do our best to keep everyone informed.


I have a question about how this will affect my daughter who is on FSSP (Family Support Services Program).  She is currently on the HCBS waiver through a private case management company that will go away when everything transitions.  Depending on the outcome, how will this affect her FSSP?

It will be the responsibility of the Case Management Agency (CMA) selected for Larimer County to provide case management and program administration for FSSP, in addition to all case management for all Medicaid waiver programs, including the Children’s HCBS waiver.  The CMA selected for this area may choose to change some aspects of the way that FSSP operates in Larimer County; however, the FSSP rules will not change as a result of CMRD.

Updated: 1/30/2023


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