Due to COVID-19 concerns, our main building is closed through June 30th. This date is subject to change based on guidance from federal, state, and local authorities. If you have individual concerns or questions, please reach out to your Case Manager, Early Intervention Coordinator, or Program Staff. Thank you!


We have provided a number of frequently asked questions along with their answers. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, you can also email us.

What is Foothills Gateway, Inc.?

Foothills Gateway, Inc. (FGI) is a local non-profit organization that provides services and support programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in Larimer County. These programs include training, supported employment, housing, habilitation, transportation, family support services, adult respite, early childhood intervention and case management for both children and adults.

What does it mean to have a developmental disability?

A Developmental Disability is defined by the State of Colorado as a disability that occurs prior to the age of 22 and that is attributable to a neurological condition when that condition results in impairment of general intellectual functioning or adaptive impairment similar to that of a person with mental retardation.

How many people does Foothills Gateway, Inc. support?

Over 2,500 people AND their families receive service and support from FGI. Nearly 350 individuals and their families are currently on a waiting list to receive services/supports from Foothills Gateway, Inc.

How is Foothills Gateway, Inc. funded?

Funding for services and support comes from county, state, federal and private funds.

How does Foothills Gateway, Inc. determine who receives assistance? Who maintains quality control of service and support programs?

Skilled Case Managers document eligibility for services and then assist individuals and their families with developing a plan of action that includes getting connected with services and supports. Case Management actively coordinates and monitors service agencies contracting with FGI, individuals receiving FGI services and individuals waiting for services.

What kind of employment services does Foothills Gateway, Inc. provide?

There are two successful service models offered through FGI’s supported employment program: mobile crew employment services and individual employment services. The former offers a highly structured work environment, while the latter program involves FGI staff working with participants to ensure success at a job by assisting and consulting with both the business and the individual to encourage a productive vocational experience.
Foothills Gateway, Inc. also procures contract work from local businesses, giving individuals with cognitive disabilities the opportunity to gain valuable work skills while earning wages. Facility-based opportunities for paid work include assembly, parts packaging, mailing services, janitorial, and shipping & receiving.

What do people do with the wages they earn through employment?

Employment wages help pay for basic living expenses including food, shelter and clothing as well as recreational and social expenses.

What if a person can’t work? What kind of training/education do they receive?

For individuals who are medically fragile or who need intensive support and supervision, FGI offers site-based services such as daily living skill training, recreational and community-based activities.

Where do people live? How do they pay for living expenses?

Individuals may live with their family or in apartments or houses throughout the community and are supported by agency staff or host families. They may receive SSI, SSDI, or other state and/or federal funding. Foothills Gateway, Inc. also administers a Section 8 Subsidies (HUD) program, which enables individuals to better afford housing by subsidizing their rent.

What is involved in the daily activities of people in services?

Depending on their level of ability, individuals participate in a variety of programs offered through Foothills Gateway, Inc. They may work in the community, attend classes, receive specialized training, go to therapy, volunteer in the community, etc. Because each individual is unique in their level of ability, FGI strives to develop tailor-made programs that will meet the needs of each person.

Does Foothills Gateway, Inc. provide transportation services?

Yes, transportation services are provided for individuals between their home and program/work settings and other community areas. Depending on the needs of the person, transportation may be provided by FGI or contracted with other program approved service providers such as taxis and the public transportation systems.

How can I apply for services at Foothills Gateway, Inc.?

Contact FGI by mail, phone or email and request to speak with an Intake Case Manager.

How can I volunteer at Foothills Gateway, Inc.?

Volunteering at Foothills Gateway, Inc. is a challenging and rewarding experience. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact in someone’s life and in our community. Just give us a call to find out your many options at (970) 266-5379.