We have provided a number of frequently asked questions along with their answers. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, you can also email us at info@foothillsgateway.org.

What is Foothills Gateway, Inc.?

Foothills Gateway, Inc. (FGI) is the Case Management Agency (CMA) for Larimer County, Colorado and provides case management services for Medicaid waiver and state-funded programs.  FGI also provides several direct service options that are not funded through Medicaid.  These direct services include job development/placement, transportation, family support services, adult respite, early childhood intervention and crisis response services.  Foothills Gateway, Inc. is a nonprofit organization and has served the northern Colorado community since 1972.

How many people does Foothills Gateway, Inc. serve?

Over 4,000 people and their families receive service from FGI. Nearly 350 individuals and their families are currently on a waiting list to receive certain services/supports for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD) from Foothills Gateway, Inc.

How is Foothills Gateway, Inc. funded?

Funding for services and support comes from county, state, federal and private funds.

How does Foothills Gateway, Inc. determine who receives assistance? Who maintains quality control of service and support programs?

Skilled Case Managers document eligibility for services and then assist individuals and/or their families with developing a plan of action that includes getting connected with services and supports. Case Management actively coordinates and monitors service agencies contracting with FGI, individuals receiving services and individuals waiting for services.

What kind of employment services does Foothills Gateway, Inc. provide?

Foothills Gateway, Inc. works with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to provide Job Development and Placement Services.  FGI staff do community outreach to identify community jobs and vocational assessment sites that can be used to support individuals with finding community integrated employment opportunities.  DVR authorizes and funds the services that Foothills Gateway, Inc. provides to individuals eligible for DVR services.

Does Foothills Gateway, Inc. provide transportation services?

Yes, transportation services are provided for qualifying individuals between their home and program/work settings and other community areas. Depending on the needs of the person, transportation may be provided by FGI or program approved service providers such as taxis and the public transportation systems.

How can I apply for services through Foothills Gateway, Inc.?

To get started, contact the Intake Case Management Team at intaketeam@foothillsgateway.org.

Can I volunteer at Foothills Gateway, Inc.?

Foothills Gateway, Inc. welcomes volunteer groups from businesses or civic organizations to assist with building/grounds improvement or special projects.  We also host fundraising events throughout the year that depend on a strong volunteer base.  We do not offer individual volunteer opportunities at this time.  If you are interested in group or event volunteer opportunities, please contact us at volunteer@foothillsgateway.