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Sponsor Spotlight: The Otero Corporation

September 09, 2020

Game Show Spectacular graphic for Sponsor Spotlight; The Otero Corporation logo under spotlight beneath Game Show logo

Founded in 2007 by Jessie and Laurie Otero, The Otero Corporation’s mission is to empower and advocate for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in an environment of compassion, dignity, and respect. The organization came to life surrounding family values. Therefore, it is their number one goal to provide a sense of belonging for everyone that walks through the door; hoping that every community member will feel they have found “their place” when they come to The Otero Corporation.

photo of Otero team in white shirts and jeans in front of a small lakeFor the past 13 years, Otero has made it a priority to serve individuals in Northern Colorado with the foundation of “love”. With 100+ years of combined experience, Otero’s senior management and direct support staff strive to create meaningful lives for everyone.

As a Program Approved Service Agency, The Otero Corporation works hand in hand with Foothills Gateway to ensure that every person who requires support in our community has access to the services they need.

“We are honored to be associated with such an upstanding organization. Foothills Gateway’s outstanding staff and administrators making a true difference in Larimer County,” Jessie Otero said. “Thank you for all you do, Foothills Gateway!”photo of the Otero team, most wearing red t-shirts on a green lawn surrounded by trees

The Otero Corporation currently provides residential services in host homes, supported community connections, and transportation throughout Northern Colorado. The Otero Corporation plans to continue to grow and expand their “family” of individuals, providers, and community members.

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