Program Approved Service Agencies (PASAs)

In an effort to bring choices to individuals with IDD and their families, Foothills Gateway contracts with many Program Approved Service Agencies (PASAs) and Independent Contractors to provide services.


Click the button below to view the full list of PASAs in Colorado and the services they provide.

You will notice a “CCB” column on this list. “CCB” stands for Community Centered Board. Foothills Gateway is the CCB for Larimer County – the Foothills Gateway reference number on the state list is 71. Therefore, the agencies approved to work in Larimer County with Foothills Gateway will have the number 71 listed in the CCB column.


Button, Colorado Program Approved Service Agency List. Click to go to Google Doc.


The Reference Area contains helpful policies, procedures and forms for PASA staff.


Button, PASA Reference Area. Click to go to menu page with policies, procedures, and forms available for service agencies.