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Special Thanks to CSU Social Work Students

May 16, 2018

Foothills Gateway has worked with Colorado State University’s Social Work 286 class for years, matching second-year Social Work students with individuals we serve to spend quality time together. This is the students’ first experience building relationships with individuals while setting professional boundaries and practicing social work skills, like advocacy and mediation. Many of the students have limited experience with people with disabilities, and most are extremely nervous when the year begins.

This year’s students have gone above and beyond – filling in gaps when providers were in transition and going to weekend basketball league games. We are sad to see them go, but are so excited for what lies ahead!

Hear from this year’s social work students who shared just how much this experience impacted them:

photo of ten CSU social work studentsDonna – “I discovered newfound patience within myself and I was introduced to a whole new perspective!”

Alee – “I was introduced to an incredible industry and this program made me want to work at Foothills Gateway.”

Connor – “My mentor was a pop culture king of the 70s… [I learned] everyone has their own unique skill set and we all should take time to understand and encourage these differences. I gained an understanding of what being fully autonomous really means and how much self-determination individuals possess.”

Sarah – “Every time we went into the community, my mentor knew at least someone. We’d go to the grocery store and every five minutes I’d be introduced to someone new.”

Jacqueline – “My mentor wasn’t afraid to go outside the box which in turn influenced me.”

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