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Support Is Empowerment

November 05, 2019

For Becky, support is empowering her to achieve her dreams.

Becky and Sergeant Tower smile for a photo in the police department
Sgt. Joel Tower and Becky pose for a photo in the Police Dept. (2018)

In January of 2018, Becky was paired with a job coach who was determined to help her reach her goals. According to her older sister Rita, “(Becky’s) primary goal in life had always been to become a secretary for the police department.”

Becky’s job coach noted the way she smiled when police work came up in conversation and figured there was nothing to lose by approaching the Fort Collins Police Department (FCPD) and Sgt. Joel Tower to see what they could do. After the initial rejection, due to budgeting, the job coach turned to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to set up a “Paid Work Experience”, which opened the door for Becky to become an Office Aide in June 2018.

Now, Becky has been in her job for over a year. On October 17th, she received an official job offer from FCPD after months of waiting for the budget request approval to come through the City.

Her new job coach has supported her at work and is impressed with the difficulty of tasks Becky takes on. The Police Department has even had to come up with new projects for her to do. They continue to challenge her to be the best she can be with each increasingly difficult responsibility.

Becky smiles for a photo at her desk on her first official day at FCPD
Becky smiles from her desk on her first, official day at FCPD (Oct. 24, 2019)

Beyond her growth on the job, Becky has also “blossomed a little bit,” according to Rita. “She responds better to people and is willing to shake their hands. When we went on a tour (of FCPD), every person we passed by knew Becky. They were so appreciative of her and perceive her as her own person.”

When asked what her favorite part of the job is, Becky initially shrugged her shoulders and simply said, “I don’t know.” Once pressed a little further, she flashed her modest smile and said, “I’m helping to catch the bad guys,” which aligns perfectly with the vision of the FCPD to make Fort Collins the safest community in the nation.

Becky’s team is excited to see how she will continue to grow, as she embraces her independence and newfound confidence.

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