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Staff In-Service Recap

June 19, 2018

On Monday, June 11, Foothills Gateway welcomed John Raffaele, the Director of Education Services with the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP), as our keynote speaker during Staff In-Service. We spent the day learning about and applying Direct Support Professional (DSP) Competency Areas alongside the NADSP Code of Ethics.

three photos of John Raffael training Foothills Gateway staff

Applying Principles

John pointed out that many decisions made while working as a DSP involve multiple competencies and focus on ethical obligations. During the training, an example was given where a DSP planned a hiking trip for an individual he serves in an effort to help this person’s grieving process. The DSP considered the individual’s wants, needs and abilities, and was open to whatever happened when they reached their destination. John helped the group identify that the DSP utilized Person-Centered Supports, promoted Emotional Wellbeing, empowered the person he was supporting, and could have even been preventing crisis down the road.

Competency AreasPrinciples of the Code of Ethics
1. Participant Empowerment
2. Communication
3. Assessment
4. Community and Service Networking
5. Facilitation of Services
6. Community Living Skills & Supports
7. Education, Training & Self-Development
8. Advocacy
9. Vocational, Educational & Career Support
10. Crisis Prevention & Intervention
11. Organizational Participation
12. Documentation
13. Building and Maintaining Relationships & Friendships
14. Provide Person-Centered Supports
15. Supporting Health and Wellness
1. Person-Centered Supports
2. Promoting Physical and Emotional Well-Being
3. Integrity and Responsibility
4. Confidentiality
5. Justice, Fairness and Equity
6. Respect
7. Relationships
8. Self-Determination
9. Advocacy

Throughout the day with John, staff were given tools to be more intentional with our already Person-Centered practices. In large group conversations and role-playing, John was impressed by our team’s instincts in supporting self-determination with respect.

Continued Training

Nearing the end of the day, we scratched the surface of facilitating “Informed Decision-Making,” with the individuals we serve. John spent the following day with a group of supervisors and managers digging in to this practice. Foothills Gateway leadership will continue training our staff to be as effective and ethical as possible.

three photos of staff enjoying lumch outside to music by Matt Meehan

Special thanks to the In-Service Day Committee for bringing John all the way from New York and setting up wonderful meal options. Not to mention, getting Foothills Gateway’s very own Matt Meehan to serenade staff at lunchtime!

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