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Showing Up Together for Others

November 04, 2020

One staff. One common goal.

Similar to countless others around the world, navigating the pandemic has resulted in many challenges that Foothills Gateway staff have never experienced before. But what happens when you cannot completely shut down or shift to remote work? What happens when your team is responsible for the wellbeing of adults with disabilities around the clock? You come together, even if it has to be socially distant.

Veronica Kinn, an Assistant Program Supervisor for our Residential Program, articulated this challenge just six weeks into the pandemic; her sentiment remains constant almost exactly six months from when she originally shared her viewpoint.

A staff’s perspective:

It has been a long six weeks for everyone following the stay at home orders; that is no less true for the individuals who live in the Foothills Gateway Residential House.

It’s difficult not being able to leave our homes or getting to participate in activities we normally enjoy. This is made even more challenging when someone doesn’t understand why all these changes are happening in the first place. For many, not having regular family visits has been a monumental change that has been difficult to adjust to.

We are so thankful for the Residential staff who come to work every day and display such incredible initiative and creativity in supporting individuals who receive our services.

Our staff have helped those in services stay active and engaged while doing everything they can to mitigate health risks. They have encouraged those who live in the Residential House to eat more meals together, work in the garden, and participate in new, recreational activities – all in an effort to combat a wicked outbreak of cabin fever!

An area of strength for our staff is their enduring emotional support for the people we serve. They have frequent conversations about the changes we are experiencing and the reasons for those changes. Plus, they help process the emotional reactions to those changes. It is a daily event but, the impact has been enormous!

Everyone living in (the home) is coping extraordinarily well, showing more bravery and resilience than we could have ever imagined. We are so proud and impressed with the fortitude of everyone – staff and individuals (receiving services) alike! Life goes on in these strange times, and it’s a privilege to work with this robust, talented, passionate group!

The rest of our department isn’t sitting on the bench either!

Our Registered Nurse has been going above and beyond to ensure our staff have the supplies they need to combat the spread of disease and maintain a healthy, safe work environment. She also prepares for, and facilitates, virtual appointments with healthcare providers as we strive to maintain safe social distancing precautions.

Other Residential employees are working to guarantee Host Home Providers are getting the support they need. And further, they are working with Social Security to maintain income and service stability for the people we serve. Everything has truly come together through this incredible team effort!

Showing Up Together

Foothills Gateway staff agree that it is amazing to witness how these unexpected circumstances are bringing together individual teams, and the staff as a whole, even when we cannot physically be together. Direct Support Professionals from programs that have been limited since March have also been Showing Up for the Residential team throughout the pandemic.

Your Colorado Gives Day donation will allow us to provide resources and training for these amazing professionals who continue to show up and offer their best every day to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

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Schedule Your Donation buttonAn Update from Veronica: 

I am floored every single day by the absolute powerhouse that is the Foothills Gateway team. It has taken immeasurable strength, sweat, and ingenuity, but we continue to pull together and pull through every day. Thank you to all the indomitable providers across all of the Residential settings who continue to show up, stand out, and demonstrate their unending resilience through these unprecedented times.

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