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Supported Employment Success Story

July 15, 2021

Are you ready for some football…helmets?
As I walked into the building, I instantly
smelled paint, heard unfamiliar noises and saw endless amounts of helmets
and parts. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in this business and the career
consultants knew who would fit in perfectly. Jay’s love of football and
Ramon’s desire to try something new made them an instant fit. It is
here that they work in a building full of other employees who refurbish old
helmets to make them beautiful and safe for the next owner.
When Jay first walked in he said, “I liked the guys. I saw the posters and
helmets and got excited.” Ramon’s experience was that, “he liked it and it
was something different than doing dishes” which is what he had done in
the past. Jay and Ramon spend their shifts buffing, polishing and washing

Jay and Roman hard at workhelmets. Each of them were looking for a job that was in a good location to their home as well as
something that would fit their skills and give them independence. This job fits their needs and,
additionally, is a fun place for them to work.
They like all parts of their job but each of them told us they enjoy the people they work with, especially
their boss who is supportive and nice. Jay likes working with his career consultant Amy because, “she is nice and easy to talk to.” Ramon likes that Nancy, “knows him well.” Through their hard work and the work
of their career consultants they have each found a workplace they feel comfortable and valued in. Jay and Ramon are clearly proud of the work they do and it is shown by their dedication and focus. We had to ask them multiple times to start their break so they could talk to us for this article because they were so engrossed in what they were doing. When asked what they are most proud of they both answered easily. For Ramon it is, “being a hard worker and feeling valued. I enjoy being able to talk to co-workers and getting to know them.” Jay responded he is, “proud that he communicates with his boss Chris.” Jay said he misses everyone at Foothills Gateway but he likes this better because it is his own job instead of the cleaning crew. For Ramon it is awesome to see and learn the whole process of getting the helmets completed. These two individuals are happy and thriving in their new jobs. They each enjoy the independence and purpose it brings to their life. I am so happy for them! Congratulations on your jobs Jay and Ramon!


Story by: Kortney Campbell

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