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Reaching New Peaks: Zach’s Story

November 22, 2021

In our countdown to the biggest one-day charitable giving event of the year, Colorado Gives Day, today we share with you a beautiful story featuring Zach!

After experiencing disappointment and limited opportunities in similar programs, Zach came to Foothills Gateway and, with the help of the Supported Employment program, has reached new, unexpected peaks!

Zach is a hard-working young man whose Job Coach helped him find his very first job at Runza, a fast-food restaurant in Loveland. Zach has enjoyed learning basic job skills and honing his independence in his new position as a kitchen line cook and prep man. About his time there he says, “My boss is amazing, I love my coworkers!” He describes the family-run business as a warm atmosphere that allows him to learn new skills and hang out in the peaceful, quiet of the kitchen. He started in the dining room and is now proud to be the main onion-breader for their famous onion rings. According to his Foothills Gateway team, his supervisor has been a great, natural support and has helped him overcome many of the challenges he faced as a new employee in the world of work, such recognizing the importance of getting enough sleep and getting to work on time. Zach’s Job Coach, Carol, states that now he is like part of the Runza family and points out that his dedication to learning how to be a good employee has also resulted I increased hours and responsibilities on the job.

Zach’s friendly manner and dedication would make him an asset anywhere, but if he wasn’t supported to take on the risks and new challenges he desired, he and the community around him wouldn’t be able to benefit from his full potential.

Thanks to Zach for sharing his story with us this week! If you would like to help us continue making strides for positive change, go to the link below and schedule your Colorado Gives Day donation to Foothills Gateway now!



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