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Reaching New Peaks: Kariee An’s Story

November 05, 2021

More than twenty years ago, Kariee An came to Foothills Gateway after struggling in other facilities that didn’t fully support her independence, values and goals. She was worried about trying new things and branching out after experiencing such discouraging treatment. Both Kariee An and our Residential staff invested many years in getting know each other and worked hard to find a living environment that would help Kariee An thrive.  A few years ago the Residential Director, Judy, was able to capitalize on these strong relationships, and placed Kariee An in a long-term living situation with Christine, who Kariee An knew and adored in her early years at Foothills Gateway.


Today, Kariee An lives outside of her fears. With the support of Christy, who is like a second family, she is exploring exciting interests- from kayaking and travelling, to baking for neighbors and voting. Christy says, “Kariee An was scared to do anything outside of her routine. At first, trips and things like hiking and biking were something that caused anxiety, now she jumps at the chance to go do things.”


The bond between these two women is so beautiful to see. The trust and understanding needed to help someone who has experienced such disappointment in the past, to finally move forward and try embracing life, exemplifies the highly complicated and highly rewarding work done through Foothills Gateway.


A few months ago, we had the honor of going into Kariee An and Christy’s home to capture their story. Watch the video below to learn more about how Kariee An came to Foothills Gateway, worked to defy her limits and reach new peaks!

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Click this link to watch our annual video featuring Kariee An and Christy: Kariee An’s Story – YouTube

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