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Reaching New Peaks: Daryl’s Story

November 29, 2021

Meet Daryl: a member of our Community Skills Development Program (CSDP). She is quite the social butterfly, and when the supervisors in her program with another organization moved to Foothills Gateway, she knew that the relationships were worth following and she came to be a part of the FGI family as well. She quickly “fell in love” with her support staff, her peers and the new horizons she has found. With the support of Foothills Gateway staff, she has overcome her fear of living alone, a huge accomplishment that has made her feel empowered. She’s also set some personal goals and is in the process of lessening her soda intake and gaining fluency in sign language.


Daryl, while describing her time at Foothills Gateway, was getting choked up looking back on how far she has come, beating her fears and owning her experience more and more. She says her biggest goal right now is to believe in herself. She feels confident she will reach her goals because she trusts the process she has begun with Foothills Gateway, and that takes a lot of weight off her shoulders.


Thank you to Daryl for sharing her experience with us. She truly is reaching new peaks as she pushes herself to achieve more and we are so proud of her! And thanks to you, for reading these stories of the amazing people working with Foothills Gateway to achieve their goals again and again. On this Giving Tuesday, don’t wait!

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