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Reaching New Peaks: Beau’s Story

November 15, 2021

Beau came to Foothills Gateway as one of the first participants in the Foothills Gateway BrightStart program that was established just this year. BrightStart is an extra support for babies and toddlers who don’t qualify for early intervention, but still need structured supports to make for the best progress in their early years of life.

Since joining the program 8 months ago, Beau’s development has been ahead of schedule, and his mother, Michelle is so excited by the progress in her son’s speech. She has been equally impressed by BrightStart staff and their support of his unique capabilities. It takes a village to raise a child and discovering Beau’s propensity for music has led to breakthroughs in his communication through the use of humming and singing. Michelle reports that this discovery by the BrightStart team led to Beau telling her “I love you” in his own, melodic way- an accomplishment that would melt any mother’s heart!

Beau spends a lot of time exploring parks and the great outdoors with his family, having dance parties and being the best helper in the kitchen. Their close-knit family is celebrating his 22 months this week, and just like all of his other peaks, together with the BrightStart staff, they will be taking the time to appreciate all of Beau and the new heights they have reached together, as well as the many more exciting frontiers to come.


Thank you to Beau and his family for sharing their story with us and to you that read and share! This Colorado Gives Day is all about the new peaks we can reach, when we work together.


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