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A Nita Crisp Retirement

February 02, 2018

As 2017 was coming to a close, one individual was wrapping up his 10-years working at Nita Crisp Crackers. Craig J. made his retirement official with a celebration on December 20.

Foothills Gateway Supported Employment has partnered with Nita Crisp Crackers, a local company that bakes artisan crackers for both local and national clients, since 2004.  A team of one staff person and four people who receive support, package crackers at the Nita Crisp site three days each week.

A little about Craig…

When asked about his specialty at Nita Crisp, Craig replied, “I could do a little of everything. I was good at it all!”

photo of craig at his retirement party in December 2017This showed when he helped Amy Bellinson through her transition into supporting the crew at Nita. “Craig was my saving grace my first day at Nita,” she explained, “He was very helpful and was able to show me the ropes!”

Craig was always going above and beyond at work; not only helping staff get comfortable working at Nita, but further staying motivated, no matter the challenge.

“When Craig was injured it didn’t matter to him. He loved to work,” Alana Edwards, Prevocational Career Consultant, said, “He sat down for literally two minutes and then got right back to work.”

“I really liked Nita,” Craig said, “I’m going to miss it.”

Craig’s got big plans to take it easy in retirement. He looks forward to helping out his niece and nephew, once he’s feeling refreshed, of course.

We can’t wait to see what the New Year brings for you, Craig!

Happy Retirement!

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