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Inside Article: The Why Behind What We Do

September 24, 2021

The Why Behind What We Do

By Kortney Campbell

There are so many different areas of Foothills Gateway it is easy for us to feel disconnected from each other at times, and yet, we all keep working hard to support the people we care so deeply about. I got to wondering why? Why do we all do what we do here at Foothills? There are endless reasons I could list but let’s hear what some people around the building have to say instead.

“There are a mismatch of reasons why I work at Foothills but they include my wife working for Foothills before I knew of Foothills, a friend and co-worker at a previous employer being hired a few months before I applied, and a respect for the work that Foothills performs in our community. While my position in IT isn’t the most directly connected position with the people we serve, I have been a host home provider during my employment at Foothills and that has given me a deeper respect for the impact that Foothills makes. I am continually blown away and encouraged by the caring and hardworking attitudes of all the staff here.” -Dylan Metzgar

“I find value in helping people and making meaningful connections with others. I appreciate that we strive to individualize the support given to people and their families. I hope to make a positive impact by learning about the experience and perspective of the people we work with and our community.” -Ashleigh Pursley-Rubin

“About three and a half years ago, I was going through a really difficult time in my life, and I took the job at FGI because I was looking for something stable. Since that time, I have been most drawn to, not the stability, but the people who work here and the feeling that what I do truly matters. The staff here are so wonderful and inviting. Also, as an admin, I don’t work directly with individuals all that often, but I know that my work has an ultimate purpose.” -Michelle Jones

“I love working at Foothills Gateway because I feel a very strong connection to the people I work with, both staff and individuals. I used to have a career in manufacturing where I gained countless skills and worked in a variety of positions, but I ultimately felt completely disconnected from the end result of my labor. Here at Foothills I get to positively impact people’s lives on a daily basis and that has completely changed my life for the better. I am extremely grateful that I found Foothills Gateway and hope I can continue working here for many years to come.” -Dave Borchers

“I experienced a major turning point in my life when my beloved brother Billy died after falling through ice on Medicine Lake near Minneapolis, MN. He was an architect, specializing in hospital design and one of his last projects was for the Mayo Clinic and while this was a prestigious assignment, his most rewarding professional achievement was his pro bono work with Hospitals of Hope on the design and construction of medical clinics in impoverished areas of Bolivia and Honduras. The sudden loss and tragic way he died shattered my heart and caused me to look deeply within myself to find the true meaning and purpose of my life. Through this soul searching I found inspiration from Billy’s example of making a difference in people’s lives through compassionate service. I recalled how years before, my work with IDD folks in institutional and group home settings was so personally rewarding. I set out to find employment with IDD folks once again and was very thankful to be hired at Foothills Gateway where I have worked with the most wonderful people I have ever worked with, at the most wonderful organization I have ever worked at, and where, in honor of Billy, I have fulfilled my true life’s purpose of compassionate service, and where at long last, my shattered heart has healed.” -Linda Yeaple


I appreciate each one of you for being willing to share how life brought you here and why you do what you do. The theme of working for a purpose as well as the positive and wonderful community we have here falls in line with why I work here as well, and I would guess it is the same for many others. As I work this month I will try to keep in mind that we are all here for great reasons and are a team. A team I hope to be a part of for many years to come! If you are feeling disconnected, I encourage you to reach out to someone. Maybe they aren’t part of your department, but they are still part of us and connecting only makes us stronger.

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