Getting Started

We highly recommend families contact the intake case management department to learn more about each service and support that is available.

Each service and support may have different eligibility requirements, but the State of Colorado defines a cognitive/developmental disability as “a disability that is manifested before the person reaches age 22, which constitutes a substantial disability to the affected individual, and is attributable to an intellectual and developmental disability or related conditions… when such conditions result in impairment of general intellectual functioning or adaptive behavior similar to that of a person with an intellectual and developmental disability…”. Once your eligibility has been determined by a Community Centered Board (such as Foothills Gateway) it can be transferred within the State of Colorado.

Case Managers actively coordinate and monitor services and supports for individuals and families receiving services through Foothills Gateway and individuals waiting for services. Case Managers can assist with answering questions you may have about services, referrals to community resources or planning for the future.

It is the policy of Foothills Gateway, Inc. to allow families or individuals to private pay for services. The services provided by FGI to private pay individuals are no different than the services provided to individuals receiving their services through government funding. FGI does not differentiate or provide preferential treatment to a person based on funding source. Private Pay Services (PPS) do not take priority over other individuals needing the same service. Accepting a person for private pay services indicates staff, physical space and other accommodations are available for regular funded and private pay individuals. All services provided by FGI will be available for private pay individuals. Each request for private pay services will be considered individually and approved after consideration of staffing and space capacity, availability of appropriate services and need for monitoring, utilization, or administrative support. If you are interested in Private Pay Services, please contact a case manager for further information.