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DSP Week 2017

September 15, 2017

Why we appreciate our Direct Support Professionals

Every year, we take a week in September to recognize and appreciate Direct Support Professionals, or “DSPs”, across the country for the hard work they do. Just this morning, the United States Senate recognized DSP Week, and Governor Hickenlooper has been a long-time advocate of the week through proclamation.

DSPs are the people who get up every day to go serve other people in their lives, providing support for needs ranging from eating lunch to managing money. There are Activity Coordinators, Job Coaches, and so many more, working constantly to support and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

DSP works with individual as they complete their weekly grocery shoppingThese professionals deserve all the recognition in the world. They put in the blood, sweat and tears that come with serving people with disabilities, and they do it purely because they care for the wellbeing of every individual they support.

“It’s the hardest job, they have the most direct impact on the lives of our people,” one Case Manager explained.

When supervisors and directors were asked which characteristics come to mind when they think about their DSPs, a common theme appeared…

Goal-driven. Patient. Compassionate. Understanding. Person-Centered. Positive. Creative. Nurturing. Teacher. PROFESSIONAL.

It’s clear, it takes a special type of person to put in the long hours.

“I don’t think a lot of people have the capacity for this job – Direct Support Professionals have the gift of empathy and perspective, they see ability and individuality very differently from other professionals. They work to empower, even in difficult situations – I couldn’t do it,” Foothills Gateway Executive Office Manager said.

The DSPs live and work the Foothills Gateway mission constantly: advocating for and empowering individuals to lead lives of their choice.

DSP hugs the student served as they end their day together

“I thoroughly appreciate the patience and dedication Direct Support Professionals show to teach and support the people we serve. I’ve witnessed outstanding creativity when different approaches are needed, as well as the motivation to empower individuals to live the lives they choose. DSPs continue to prove to be excellent role models for not only the people they support, but also to our community,” Foothills Gateway Marketing and Procurement Manager said.

Chief Operations Officer, Erin Eulenfeld, puts the cherry on top of our appreciation: “Foothills Gateway’s DSPs do their jobs each day with pride and joy.  Your creativity, flexibility, kindness, conscientiousness, and hard work are so very much appreciated!”

Foothills Gateway staff pose for a Thank You picture

THANK YOU, to our incredible team of Direct Support Professionals!!!

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