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Day Programs Harvest Their Hard Work

November 16, 2017

Located in central Fort Collins lies The Gardens on Spring Creek. The local botanical garden hosts thousands of visitors each year and puts on dozens of special events year round. In addition, The Gardens on Spring Creek also features a community garden. Each spring, community members apply for a plot of land to plant, grow, and harvest the greenery of their choice. The application process is a competitive one and this year, Foothills Gateway was lucky enough to receive a plot.

Multiple day programs from Foothills Gateway assisted in the care and upkeep of the garden throughout the growing season. Staff kicked it off by tilling the garden in mid-April. The planting process began in June with a group from Sensory Integration (SI). But, before planting could begin a few pesky weeds that had survived the tilling were removed. Once the weeds were gone it was smooth sailing, and Scott L. from SI helped group leaders, Kenny and Megan plant peppers, zucchini, and yellow squash. Later groups would add kale, basil, and pumpkin plants to the mix.

Over the next few months multiple day programs made their way to the garden to keep up with the care of the plants. Along with his SI crew, Scott L. returned to the garden on a sweltering, summer day in July and was eager to do the watering for the day.


Thanks to consistent care and watering from individuals like Scott L., the garden flourished.


A few weeks later a group from the Community Activities Program (CAP) showed up ready to harvest. Matt K. was eager to help CAP group leader, Richard. On this particular outing the duo was able to pick off a couple of yellow squash and a cucumber. Proud of their accomplishment, Matt K. insisted on holding on to the fresh produce for the remainder of the outing. All the produce harvested by the different day programs was donated to a local homeless shelter. Cong N. and James E. were also on hand during this trip to the garden. Cong N. was happy to rake away weeds that had popped up around a pumpkin plant while James E. watered the rest of the garden.

The garden continued to thrive throughout the summer and into early autumn. However, in mid-October, as the weather turned colder, the time came to say goodbye to the garden for the year. FGI made one last trip to the garden to clean up their plot and prepare it for the winter and, hopefully, another successful gardening season next year!


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