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ClimateWise Report, 2018

February 12, 2019

ClimateWise is a voluntary program that offers simple solutions to help Fort Collins businesses to reduce their impact, save money and gain recognition for their achievements in energy and water conservation, waste reduction, alternative transportation and social responsibility.

Foothills Gateway, as a ClimateWise Partner is recognized for its achievements in energy, waste, water, transportation and social responsibility. During 2018, the organization continued to engage in ClimateWise efforts and has achieved Platinum Partner level, the highest level of achievement for the program.

In 2018, one of the ways we met our platinum level goal included Metal Recycling. We recycled 1 ton of metal. Another recycling effort involved our single-stream recycling. By December 2018, Foothills Gateway had recycled 590 cubic yards of single-stream recyclables! We also recycled 7 tons of mixed office paper during the year and 2.5 tons of wood.

Additionally we began a pilot compost program. We tried out two different types of compost bins and composting styles (a green cone and a worm bin). Foothills Gateway is assessing both composting programs and we are considering expanding one or both types of composting in the coming months.  We also participated in the ‘Ditch the Disposable Cups” challenge where we asked employees to donate coffee mugs from home and filled all the kitchens with reusable coffee cups, reducing the need for paper or Styrofoam cups.

An energy saving building improvement included replacement of the gym lights with energy efficient LED lights.   We earned the agency a rebate and expect to save us around 2,088 kWh per year.   Our final highlight for the year was participation in an alternative transportation challenge in June 2018. We focused on education around alternative transportation options.

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