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Celebrating DSP Week

September 18, 2018

Thank you graphic saying: "Thank You, Direct Support Professionals" on a word background with "Thank You" in various languages.

The week of September 9th–15th, service agencies across the nation celebrated Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Week. The week’s goal is to recognize the dedication and accomplishments of outstanding DSPs and their vital contribution to our communities.

Sadly, a great deal of the population sees DSP roles as entry-level, and we know that is not the case. With celebrations and recognition opportunities professionals in the disability and health care fields are able to show why DSPs deserve to be seen and compensated as exactly what they are: professionals!

In Colorado, we also take time at the Capitol each spring for Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) Awareness Day where the DSP of the Year title is awarded.

View the Colorado proclamation of DSP Week here.

Here at Foothills Gateway, we celebrate through team recognition and gifts given from supervisors to their direct support staff. Each team post that was shared during DSP week is included below – please take the time to learn about what these incredible people do every day to keep those we serve taken care of and happy.

6 people pictured. Post says: To kick off our #DSPweek appreciation posts, we want to thank our Community Skills Development Program for the work they do both on-site and in the community working to help individuals with social skills through volunteer and group activities!5 people pictured. Post says: Our Community Activities Program works with individuals in the community to help them build their social and coping skills while doing activities they enjoy!
7 people pictured. Post says: Our Transportation Team coordinates and utilizes a 65 vehicle fleet to transport individuals with disabilities all over Larimer County, driving a between 45,000 and 50,000 miles each month!9 people pictured. Post says: We LOVE this photo! It just shows how well our Pre-Vocational staff work together to support individuals in services. This crew works to help people develop professional skills, from task oriented learning to appropriate behaviors and coping mechanisms, with the ultimate goal of working in the community one day!
6 people pictured. Post says: The Supported Employment team is made up of Team Leaders and Career Consultants who support individuals that work in the community! The ultimate goal of this team is to find meaningful work for the people we serve and help them continue to be successful once that 'dream job' is achieved!5 people pictured. Post says: Our "Retirement" Staff spend their days supporting individuals who are happy to hang out and enjoy activities like BINGO or painting in a relaxed environment. This crew does an amazing job making every day a fun one for the people we serve!
5 people pictured. Post says: Our Basesite team supports people with I/DD through focusing on socialization, communication, exercise and safety skills through recreational and leisure activities. You can bet there's never a dull day in their neighborhood!!7 people pictured. Post says: Our Residential staff bends over backwards to support the people we serve in their homes. No matter which setting works best for the individuals, they will always have the backing of this team! Thank You for all of your hard work!!!
2 people pictured, holding a sign with 5 other staff names. Post says: Our staff is full of busy people - so much so, that it can be difficult getting them in one place for a photo! (Team members not pictured are listed). Our Adult Care Services team provides respite services for adults with disabilities near Old Town Fort Collins, which requires night shifts, cooking and cleaning. They truly go above and beyond, and we could not be more grateful!4 people pictured. Post says: To wrap up #DSPweek, we want to thank one last staff team for the amazing work they do! Our Intensive Support team works with individuals who have a higher need than others, and sometimes require 24/7 care. These gals really know what it means to serve and they show so much love while doing so!
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