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Foothills Gateway – Beyond the Basics

November 16, 2018

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We’re doing something a little different for Colorado Gives Day this year. Instead of telling you where your dollars could go, we are SHOWING you through the “Beyond the Basics” story series.
You will meet five incredible humans along the way while seeing first-hand what a difference donations make in the quality of life for the people we serve!

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Libby’s on the Move!

Libby showing off her adaptive bicycleLibby is a seventeen year old who will be turning 18 this spring. She has signed up for classes at Front Range Community College (FRCC) and utilizes a wheelchair in her daily life.  She gets frustrated due to being limited with places she can access when she is out in her community. So, her Case Manager applied for funds to purchase an adaptive bicycle and help her get around more efficiently.

Libby is very goal oriented and wants to do many things, but her mobility limitations slow her down in being able to achieve her goals. The bike helps Libby gain strength and independence by allowing her to access more places, such as the FRCC Campus.

We can’t wait to see where Libby will go!

John is Staying Activeindividual and staff swim together at community pool

John is in his 50’s and LOVES to swim. He does his best to stay active, but due to balance issues, it’s not always possible. Swimming is the one thing he can do independently where he enjoys himself and truly feels good.

His Case Manager applied to use donor dollars to provide a swimming pass so John can go whenever he pleases. Having this access has not only improved his activity and brought him joy, but he’s also made new friends!

Supporting Jack’s Success

Jack is a nine-year-old boy who has Autism. His verbal communication is limited, which causes a lot of frustration for Jack and makes it difficult for him to interact with the world around him.

Thanks to donor dollars, Jack has been enrolled in Brain Balance. This six-week program combines physical and sensory exercises with academic skill training and healthy nutrition to address underlying issues in behavioral development that affect children like Jack.

This integrated approach is customized to meet Jack’s needs and help build the foundation for his future success.

Colynn Builds Independence

The last two years have been challenging for Colynn and his family. Along with life’s ups and downs, Colynn also had a difficult time dealing with what seemed to be constant change.

Colynn was given the opportunity to attend Capernaum Young Life Camp, which was built to give young people with disabilities an atmosphere of high adventure while receiving one-on-one attention. Through this experience, he was able to demonstrate his growth and show others the level of responsibility he can manage.

Colynn greatly increased his independence through this trip and it was the longest he had ever been away from home! Camp helped Colynn prove to both his family and support team that he can successfully manage times of change.

Lucy Thrives

When Lucy’s family welcomed her home in March 2017, they were in complete “baby bliss” with her sweet and quiet ways, though they knew something wasn’t quite right. After multiple appointments with Children’s Hospital, they found Lucy has a rare spontaneous change in her genes called 1q43q44 Deletion Syndrome.

On top of Early Intervention services, donor dollars have provided Lucy with additional therapies to help her interact with, and enjoy, the world around her. Lucy goes to massage therapy and water physical therapy thanks to the granted dollars her family receives.

Massage therapy is helping her “wake up” her hands and feet, and mom reports Lucy smiles from ear to ear the entire time she is with her massage therapist. The water physical therapy helps her find her core strength, resulting in sitting and standing independently and playing with her toys on her own!

The family could not be more thankful and they have written a letter detailing Lucy’s story and sharing their experience so you can learn more!


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