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50 Years at Foothills Gateway: It Takes a Village

September 06, 2022

For almost the entirety of Foothills Gateway’s 50 year history, the Kling family has been a part of our Foothills Gateway ‘family’.  Today, they share some thoughts on that partnership and the positive impact is has had on all of them. 


It is a true honor to be part of Foothills Gateway’s 50th Anniversary celebration.  My brother, Matthew, started receiving services provided by Foothills Gateway in 1980 at the age of five.  He just turned 47.

Foothills Gateway has been a part of our family for the past 42 years and has consistently supported and guided us through all the curves that having a child/sibling with an intellectual disability throws your way.

My parents, Allen and Donna Kling, have leaned on Foothills Gateway to provide the education and resources that their staff expertly deliver.  For my entire life, I listened to my parents say that they are 100% positive the reason our family was held together was because of the support Foothills Gateway provided to our family.  Foothills Gateway staff took Matthew under their wing like he was one of their own and, between the two “families”, we were able find a way to ensure Matthew has a happy and fulfilling life full of love and support.  Foothills Gateway pointed my parents in the direction of how to ensure Matthew could successfully live outside our home as an adult, and through that partnership, Matthew has had the same caregiver for the past 28 years.   This sort of situation isn’t easy, but I can’t imagine how much harder it would have been not having Foothills Gateway on our team.

We feel truly lucky to have such an incredible organization in our community.  Thank you to all that have come before and to all who are here now for everything you do!   Because of you, Matthew and thousands of others are leading a happy and meaningful life.

All our gratitude,

Allen Kling and Kari Kling Sanders. 

And most of all Donna Kling, who was Foothills Gateway’s biggest fan!


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