Developmental Disabilities Waiver:

The Home and Community-Based Services Waiver For Persons With Developmental Disabilities (HCBS-DD) provides access to 24-hour, seven days a week supervision through Residential Habilitation and Day Habilitation Services and Supports. The service provider is responsible for living arrangements. Living arrangements can range from host homes settings with 1-2 persons, individualized settings of 1-3 persons, and group settings of 4-8 persons, as well as residential supports for participants who live with and/or are provided services by members of their family.

Individuals enrolled in the HCBS-DD waiver can choose from the following services:

Supported Living Services Waiver:

The Home and Community-Based Services waiver for Supported Living Services (HCBS-SLS)  provides necessary services and supports for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities so they can remain in their homes and communities with minimal impact to their community and social supports. The HCBS-SLS waiver promotes individual choice and decision-making through the individualized planning process and the tailoring of services and supports to address prioritized, unmet needs. In addition, this waiver is designed to supplement existing natural supports and traditional community resources with targeted and cost-effective services and supports.

The person receiving services is responsible for his or her living arrangements which can include living with family or in their own home.  Up to three persons receiving services can live together.  Participants on this waiver do not require twenty-four (24) hour supervision on a continuous basis for services and supports offered on this waiver.

Individuals enrolled in the HCBS-SLS waiver can choose from the following services:

Link to all Program Approved Provider Agencies (PASAs) for HCBS-DD, SLS and CES